Monday, November 16, 2009

VendorBar E/AB'09

MoMA benefit in which Alison Knowles and I invited people to draw on some of Alison's prints. Beans in a bag, blind chosen. Colours from a group on the table.
VendorBar is part of an ongoing series of itinerant exhibitions and interventions, organized by Kirby Gookin and Robin Kahn, in which art is presented to the public that is either free, with no copyright, or sold inexpensively. The goal is to open up direct lines of communication between artists and the public in order to make ideas and artwork more accessible. Past projects include Free Show, Disappearing Act, Holiday Shopping, Copiacabana, Copilandia and To Market to Market. For E/AB'09 VendorBar is inviting artists to directly engage the public by presenting actions, exchanges and services that result in the production and distribution of artists editions made specifically for the event. Participating artists will include ARTifariti-Western Sahara Collective, Mike Bidlo, Gaye Chan & Nandita Sharma, Kirby Gookin, Geoffrey Hendricks, Nancy Hwang, Robin Kahn, Amanda Keeley, Alison Knowles & Alan Bowman, Cary Leibowitz, Larry Miller, Ken Montgomery, Peter Nadin, Yoko Ono, Tom Otterness, Sal Randolph, Showpaper, and Elaine Tin Nyo.

Alison at work.

Robin Khan with a finished drawing. AB bottom left, AK bottom right two really nice guys top L & R - if anyone knows who they were, let me know the should have credit here as they helped produce perhaps the best drawing.

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  1. Hi Alan, Thanks for the posting. The mystery artists names are Mike Bidlo (scar-like motifs) and Joe Ahearn (faces, etc. in blue pencil). Both artists who participated in VendorBar (Joe representing Showpaper). And btw sp. Kahn. For a great posting on Showpaper at VendorBar see: