Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Ay-O's Venice Exhibition, Dedicated to Emily Harvey - Object Mandala Floor Pieces with Words"

"Ay-O's Venice Exhibition, Dedicated to Emily Harvey - Object Mandala Floor Pieces with Words"

Press Release (pdf)

Ay-O's 2007 Venice show "Object Mandala Floor Pieces with Words" consists of the two main 'Floor Pieces' which in turn are the direct result of two interconnected performances which took place at the Taverna Remer, Campiello Remer on the Grand Canal on Sunday, 1oth June 2007. The Floor Pieces are accompanied by a show of his famous 'Rainbow' prints from the 1960s to the present.

The exhibition was also supported by a series of three evenings of performance events:

See a selection of images from the show, including from early on at the opening (before the performance and the gallery becoming too full to photograph!) HERE!

See images from the performance "Homage to Emily Harvey" HERE

Images from the series of events "Homage to Fluxus Friends Who Have Gone to Heaven or Hell" in which Ay-O and performers travelled the streets of Venice performing a variety of classic Fluxus performances and more, can be seen HERE

"Object Mandala Floor Pieces with Words"

the irrepressible ay-o!

gracie mansion & geoff hendricks

"Object Mandala Floor Pieces with Words"

ay-o preparing an "homage to charlotte moorman"

ay-o and george!

our assistants who all strangely looked familiar

'homage to charlotte moorman', grand canal

'homage to charlotte moorman', grand canal

alan bowman performing a much abridged 'zyklus'

ay-o performing bob watts' '2 inches'

geoff performing a variation of emmett williams' 'song of uncertain length' which saw him several hundred metres along the 'riva dei schiavoni', venice with a glass of wine on his head. a large crowd of tourists in tow. quite an amazing event to see.

geoff hendricks, with an ice cream on his head (for wolf vostell!)

ay-o performing 'one for violin solo' (paik)

gallery view, on the table is the object mandala with words, set up for an homage to emily harvey. (white wine and summer fruits)

ay-o - rainbow prints at the emily harvey foundation

geoff hendricks with caterina gualco

geoff hendricks and ay-o

Flux on a United Front (Shoreline) Waygood, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2007

helen smith of waygood sets up the sewing machine for alison's shoreline piece

in preparation for the 'zyklus' which was not performed. i asked for newcastle brown ale bottles and they brought me them, full! the folks at waygood are great!!

the red bean turner

fishing on the tyne (for water)

alison knowles on high bridge, newcastle upon tyne

knowles & bowman (who always enjoy gallery openings, well the bar bit anyway!)

alan bowman in conversation with joel fisher
(photo alison knowles)