Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Object Mandala Floor Pieces with Words"

the irrepressible ay-o!

gracie mansion & geoff hendricks

"Object Mandala Floor Pieces with Words"

ay-o preparing an "homage to charlotte moorman"

ay-o and george!

our assistants who all strangely looked familiar

'homage to charlotte moorman', grand canal

'homage to charlotte moorman', grand canal

alan bowman performing a much abridged 'zyklus'

ay-o performing bob watts' '2 inches'

geoff performing a variation of emmett williams' 'song of uncertain length' which saw him several hundred metres along the 'riva dei schiavoni', venice with a glass of wine on his head. a large crowd of tourists in tow. quite an amazing event to see.

geoff hendricks, with an ice cream on his head (for wolf vostell!)

ay-o performing 'one for violin solo' (paik)

gallery view, on the table is the object mandala with words, set up for an homage to emily harvey. (white wine and summer fruits)

ay-o - rainbow prints at the emily harvey foundation

geoff hendricks with caterina gualco

geoff hendricks and ay-o

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