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The Fluxus Constellation & The 40 Years of Fluxus Tour. Genova & N. Italy, 2002

emmett williams: four directional song of doubt for five voices. conductor - emmett williams. performers (l-r) - alan bowman, eric andersen, alison knowles, ben patterson, ann noel.
still on of my most profound fluxus experiences.
(photo. emily harvey)

in memoriam to adriano olivetti (G.maciunas, 1962)

ah! the 'official speeches' bit...zzz...zz..z...zzz... .. .

just in case anyone was wondering what ben and larry were doing.

ben and eric. they're ice-cream is rubbish.

you'll have to ask geoff about this one.

behold! the biro of flux....

larry struggles with european standard measurement trumpet gloves.

one down, rest of the brass section to do.

emmett, alison and ben patterson reminisce.

philip corner: piano activities.

ben videos phil

ben and friend video phil

phoebe neville, co-performer par-excellence!

a rather fine finale

emily harvey videos larry miller setting up his video of larry miller eating a chocolate crucifix.

still fine tuning...

1 hour and 45 minutes later...emily's tape runs out just as larry gets the balance right!

lunchtime at the old fluxpeople's home.

an example of serious geriatric delinquency.


'octet for winds' (g. brecht, 1964). there was a type of civic welcome for the fluxus tour when it arrived in genova. a number of performance were performed. this one took the place by storm, well it confused the press anyway.

(photo: sur rodney (sur))

practising our individual tunes all together.

(photo: sur rodney (sur))

(photo: sur rodney (sur))

larry miller: bob watts' "2 inches", beneath the bell tower.

hi-jinks in verona - the real spirit of fluxus on show!
(photo - emily harvey)

(photo - emily harvey)

larry miller, ann noel, eric andersen, geoff hendricks, emmett williams, philip corner, ben patterson, davidson gigliotti.
(photo - emily harvey)

performing tomas schmit's 'zyklus' at villa croce, genova. after about twenty minutes the shoes came off and i changed to a more comfortable but much less photogenic seated position. i got thrown out when the musuem closed so i never actually finished the performance - very disappointing. one day...!
(photo - emily harvey)

geoff hendricks, larry miller and emmett williams - having a jolly old time at genova's villa croce museum.

geoff hendricks in familiar pose. now this was taken at the top of a bell tower somewhere on the tour, i have no idea where. geoff, larry, sur and i were the only ones brave (fit) enough to climb to the top. we rang the bells too in an attempt to confuse the religious of the parish!

geoff, in two bits.
larry miller and geoff hendricks, mugging for the camera.

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